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  • Community Purpose:

  • This is a community for those who have political views which would be considered radical under the standards of their government and/or surroundings. This is a resource in the LJ website for radical thinkers to exchange Livejournal friendship with other radical thinkers. The LRNC's function is to serve as an "add-me" community; in addition, as a place to talk and discuss: events, international and local news, theories, and your own opinion on different matters, etcetera; however, there are rules to this community and any violator of these rules will be dealt with in accordance to their offense.

  • To search for friends:

  • *To introduce yourself, simply post a brief summary of your background, your interests, ideologies, hobbies, ect. You do not have to use the introduction format below but it is recommended for the sake of organization and to keep introductions simple.

    Format for introducing yourself:

    A Name:



    As well as anything else you might suspect is important to add.

    *If you don't feel it necessary to input certain information simply insert "n/a"

    **Keep in mind that info you post about yourself is open to the PUBLIC.

    --members are always encouraged to set their posts to members only,
    and in addition, to remember to be sure you are not posting any revealing or incriminating information in this community or anywhere else--be safe!

    Warning to instigators

    The administrator(s) will not waste time in warning rule breakers--however, we will keep tags on you; you should realize whether you are breaking any rules when you post or comment. Anything is subject to deletion without warning or reason. SO remember, three strikes you're out. If you don't cooperate when asked to do so you're out. And If you're really careless you might just be booted on the first offense. So keep in mind, all posts and comments in disregard for the community rules are fair game for the admin(s). This is the only official warning you will receive.

  • Main Rules

  • DO NOT post in members' introductions for the sole purpose of criticizing and debating ideals; or worse, to increase your own ego.
    If it's not relevant to the final purpose of the author's introduction (find and add friends), it's not worth it!


    [!] If you are posting more than one picture or if the picture is of considerable size, or if you are posting a HUGE entry put the majority of it (2/3) under an Lj-cut. If you do not know how to use Lj-cuts please take a look at: FAQ #75

    [!] Leave the deletion of comments up to the moderator(s). Unless there is a very good reason to delete a user's comment, do not do so.

    [!] If you are going to write about "controversial" ideal(s) please don't express hateful remarks while you're doing so. Instead, write about your political stance(s), any other people or sources you might get your ideal(s) from, e.g, "My ideological stance is X, some of the material I read are X..."

    Do not express yourself in this manner: My ideological stance is X, I hate X, I wish X upon all non-believers, X are inferior, X should be all deported, etc..

    What this community is NOT:

    - debate--You will not rip each others heads off in this community.

    - Not a place to express prejudice and hate--Zero Tolerance Policy

    - Not a place to insult, confront, ridicule, hit on, or harass other members!

    - Not a place to make a fool of yourself; keep it serious, keep it mature.

    All in all, keep it courteous and clean. If new members are to join, we are the ones who have to set the example and impression!


    itsgrimupnorth: Profile/Message

    rubashov: Profile/Message

    Any violations and trolls should be reported to us ASAP by message.


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