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Anarchy Tree

sharewhatyagot in add_a_radical

First things first, my name is Ivy.
And this is my face:


I've been alive for 20 years, but I'm basically anywhere between 4 and 40 on any given day.
Politically, I'm an anarcho-syndicalist.
My only real dream in life is to hop freight trains and travel the world.
For now, I'm an unmotivated (soon to be) history major who lives at home with her batshit mother.
I'm loud and raunchy and I say what most people wouldn't ever say.
I live life minute by minute and try to appreciate the seconds in between.
Freedom is the most important thing in the world to me.
I listen to a lot of folk punk/riot folk/anti-folk/etc.
Anything that makes me feel passionate.
I've never felt more boring in my life than I do right now.
Add me, you won't regret it =]

"I don't believe in cops, bosses or politicians.
Some call that anarchism.
I call it having a fucking heart that beats"


ive added u
Added back =]
I have a mounting cynicism that prevents me from believing in anything, but I was once an anarcho-syndicalist as well. I've added you, too.
I can definitely relate! I battle with cynicism every day of my life haha.
I added you simply because I find people of interest hard to find and we appear to have some similar views at least.
I agree, it's very tough (especially in such a detached society)to connect with people on any significant level. Added =]
Added back =]
Added :)
Yay =] Added back!