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hermit occult hikkikomori

pomortsy in add_a_radical

Time waits for no one

Howdy, everyone.

I'm not quite sure where to begin this, because I'm not exactly here be added, but to listen to what everyone has to say. My ideology flows around like riverwater but essentially composes of a love and joy in beautiful chaos, which may or may not just be another word for a near-invisible pattern of epic preportions. I know my definition is certainly different than a lot of the versions floating around. But, I'll leave that up to everyone to decide for themselves; it's better that way. You could certainly call me an anarchist, and I'd take no offense whatsoever. My journal is hardly gonna be about politics - most of the time - but feel free to drop by. I'm always glad to talk about everything and anything, and I deeply treasure random, differing viewpoints. Even if I respectfully disagree - and I often do.

I live in a very cold (well, usually) place in North America that is not Canada. It is beautiful, strange, melancholy, and if you're in the area, let me know, I'll be glad to offer my thoughts on what to see and where to go. Well, that's about it! See you around-


Hi, Hmmm a cold place in North America that is not Canada, could it be hell? Maybe, Alaska. I spent part of my childhood and all my teens there. Uneasiness in defining oneself and not taking the definitions of oneself by others seriously is a mark of the radical, so you afe probably in the right place.
Sometimes, I think it might be hell-ish, and I've grown oddly attached to it; plus it's given me the gift of cold tolerance, hehe! Good to meet someone else from around here - it's a surreal place indeed, but that's okay enough. If nothing else, we persevere. Thanks for the welcome, it seems like a good place to be, and if you ever get the chance to read Ishmael I think you'd like it and although there are plenty of points to disagree, chew on, and think about it each one of those in and of itself is the sign of a good read.